Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Main Idea and Details

My students recently started non-fiction reading. One thing that I wanted to make sure they understood was locating the main idea and details. I had a hard time finding any materials that would be engaging for them. So, I created my own! 

I tried out this Main Idea and Details Sort with QR Codes and the students LOVED them! I threw these into my center time. The kids take one set and have to decide which card is the main idea and two supporting details. I also have one card that has extra information. The kids used their chromebook to scan the QR Codes so they can check if they are right. 

For my higher students, I created these main idea and detail task cards. This allows the students to read a full paragraph and identify the main idea and details. This was great for a little extra challenge!

I think my students are really starting to understand it!

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