Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Using Text Evidence

So one thing my students struggle with every year is using text evidence. They seem to have the hardest time finding something from the text to support there answer. I also usually get "I know this because in the text it says it" (one of my biggest pet peeves!"). I couldn't really find any worksheets that walk students through supporting from the text using the steps:

1. Answer the question
2. Support with a quote from the text
3. Defend your support (this shows, this proves)

So I created my own worksheets!

I tried them out in my class today... what a success! I actually felt like for the first time my students understood what I was talking about (yay!).

I'm going to do one sheet a day for five days as warm up work and then have them do a "readworks" passage (an awesome site! If you haven't used their FREE texts, try them out.) and see if they can apply what we've learned to the open ended questions.

              Click here to get your own sheets!

If you try them out in your own class, please comment and let me know how they worked! I'd love to hear from you.

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