Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Interactive Read Alouds

One of the most important parts of teaching kids to read is reading aloud to them. Everyday (well most days... we do what we can!) I read aloud a book to my students. 

When you do a read aloud, it is important that it is interactive. This is your time to stop and model the many strategies that you are teaching your students. 

I like to read aloud the type of book that we are learning. For example, right now we are learning biography, so I am reading Who Was Paul Revere? (Which I LOVE and I am learning so much... great series for students-- and adults). As I am reading aloud, not only are the students listening to my expression and fluency, but I also stop to model strategies by "thinking aloud." 

I always have the students bring their notebooks and pencils, so if I find a spot where they can "stop and jot," they are ready. Occasionally, I will just say "stop and jot" after a powerful scene. They usually stare at me for a second in confusion, but I just look at my book and repeat "stop and jot." They always come up with great reflections and usually hit the same thought that I did. 

Interactive read alouds are also perfect for teaching the strategies that your students might have missed in earlier years, and it is not in your curriculum. It is the perfect time to fill in those gaps!

Do you have any read alouds that you love?? Let me know!

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