Sunday, January 29, 2017

Reading Comprehension and Skills

I know I talked about this in an earlier post, but at my school we use Reader's and Writer's Workshop. I really do like it (I really do). However, I am still finding big gaps! One of those gaps is the students ability to read and dissect from short stories/paragraphs. In reader's workshop, the students are always reading novels (which is awesome), but when it comes time for their standardized testing, they are lost when they need to read and respond to short text. 

So, I decided to make a pack of 10 Non-Fiction and 10 Fiction passages. I followed the common core standards to come up with questions, skill work for the students to complete. 

                                                    Click here to try them in your class!

I made these quick sheets so that I can assign them as homework. I usually don't give my students homework besides reading because I feel like it is usually "busy work." However, these sheets really focus on a variety of skills that act as a review! When they come in the next day, I have them go over it with their groups and then we quickly review as a class. 

What do you use in your classroom? Let me know!

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