Monday, January 23, 2017

Teacher Life

Teaching has always been a part of my life. I come from a long line of teachers! My grandmother taught English, my father teaches Art, my mother teaches Special Education, my sister teaches History, my other sister teaches 5th grade, and my husband teaches STEM. Basically... I'm surrounded. 

If you listen to our dinner conversations, they pretty much always start with someone saying, "so today my one student..." or "you'll never guess what this one teacher put in the teacher's room..." It's pretty much all we talk about. I think that's actually why my husband became a teacher... so he could fit in. 

Being a part of a family of teachers is very interesting because I think we are wired to do things a certain way. One thing especially is, we just get things done! As a new teacher, I got in the routine quite quickly and didn't feel as stressed as many do. 

As my dad says, "do whatever the administration wants you to do." This doesn't mean just do whatever and don't care about it. It means embrace all of the new things that are happening and try it out! If your school decides to pick up a new reading program... you can complain about it for the entire year or you can dive in and take it on full force (even if you know in the back of your mind the school will probably be changing to something new in a few years anyway). 

My school has been changing things around quite a bit lately and I don't know if its the innate teacher in me or not, but I seem to enjoy the change and trying out something new. Otherwise, I get bored (and lazy and we can't get lazy when we are trying to keep our minds and bodies active!). 

So, I encourage you to try something new! ...and "do whatever they tell you to do." Otherwise you're just going to stress yourself out... and that's good for no one!

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